A New and Exciting Program of Nonprofit Innovation and Social Impact

Unlocking The Untapped Success Potential

Through Advanced Brain Performance Programs

Our work is about strategically unfolding the untapped success potential within our communities. We educate the community about, and we fund a breakthrough brain performance technology initiative with a credentialed history for the first responder, military, collegiate recovery, nonprofit, mental health, education and business sectors.

We provide scholarship funding for drug-free, proven brain performance programs. Technology today is opening dramatic possibilities for new levels of brain fitness, optimal performance and well-being.

Books about Brain Performance


We Empower Community Leaders And Organizations To Create Greater Social Impact

Innovative Collaborations With Community Leadership

Military Family

• First Responders and Veterans
• Foundations
• Mental Health Professionals
• Community Businesses
• Rehab / Recover Centers
• Education Organizations

Dr. Smith

Stacey Smith, PhD, CSAT, EMDR
Elm Tree Recovery

Community Leaders Choose Heal the Hero

“Having Heal the Hero invest in our mission of young adults addiction treatment, I can now say that incorporating a brain performance relapse prevention program has created the opportunity for us to do a greater depth of work with our clients in a shorter time frame. I am so very grateful for their presence in our community.”

Heal the Hero Foundation