It’s Time To Revolutionize The Mental Health Of Our Nation’s Heroes And Their Families

David Campbell

Restoring Dignity

Our nation has a deep gratitude for our twenty-two million military veterans and their families who have proudly served this country. They have served with an elevated code of loyalty, honor and duty. When they complete their career of protecting our freedom, many of our heroes endure the silent wounds of war. Their fight does not end when they return home.

We believe that military veterans are one of America’s greatest assets. We provide improved solutions to help them thrive in their communities after active service.

Veteran Workforce Performance

Improved Veteran Workplace Performance

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Rural veterans in America

Neuro-Telehealth for Rural Veterans

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Special ops

Brain Performance for Special Operations Forces

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Sex Trafficking Survivor Rehabilitation

The Future for Trauma Recovery for Women Survivors Of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse.

New hope for sexual abuse survivors. Veronica Winters-Everly shouldn’t be alive today. Her journey is one you will never forget. It is heroic and transformational. It's a story of life shattering despair, remarkable resiliency and complete recovery. Advancements in neuroscience can overcome trauma and early negative experiences that affect the development of the brain.

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Optimizing Performance

Our first responders experience a high degree of repeat trauma while protecting our families and communities. This brave group of heroes willingly puts themselves at risk every day. The long-term price of their service translates into a sacrifice of mental and physical health and wellbeing.

We believe when our first responders are healthier, our community is safer.

First Responders
Youth & Adolescents

Increasing Success Potential

Our youth represent the hope of this nation. This precious age group faces more challenges than previous generations. Mental health is now an urgent topic as depression and anxiety are increasing, and suicide attempts now top a staggering 3,000 per day for high schoolers.

We believe that providing access to advancements in brain performance is an opportunity to produce our potentially greatest generation of leaders.

Education. Integration. Research.

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